Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Villainesses

Okay, so I might as well finish this trend of entries on villains by posting this:  in no particular order, these are some of my all time favorite female villains in fictional media.  This actually could just be the first edition: I might do one with movie villainesses somewhere down the road.  But for now, here are the women of wickedness from  TV, Books, and Video Games:

  Maleficent (Disney):  This is the one of the few movie villains I'll have on here.  Disney has lots of great villainesses: the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Cruella Deville, Ursula, Yzma, Mother Gothel, etc.  But the one who stands out above them all is Maleficent.  Dark, sinister, theatrical, hateful, and pure evil.  She is the perfect villain in every respect.  Leading the Disney Villains in the Kingdom Hearts series is a testiment to her evil legacy.

  Princess Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender):  If you don't know what makes Azula so great, go back down and read my previous blog entry!

  Larxene (Kingdom Hearts):  The sole female member of Organization XIII.  Now, in many villain groups of Japanese media, the sole female is usually one of the weakest and least consequential members compared to all the guys ("Fullmetal Alchemist"'s Lust, "Naruto"'s Konan,  and "Bleach"'s Tia Harribel come to mind).  But not Larxene; she was second-in-command to Marluxia in the Castle Oblivion conspiracy, was insanely powerful and tough to fight, and had a well developed sadistic personality.  Larx took the Smurfette Principle and made it work because she kicks so much ass!  All those other group females could learn something from her.

  Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter):  Any Harry Potter fan worth their salt is familiar with this one.  Going from member of the Ministry of Magic to Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher to Hogwarts High Inquistor to Hogwarts Headmistress in just one year, Umbridge is a proud, sadistic, pure evil tyrant with the personality of sour honey and many despicable actions on her villain resume.  She shows that one doesn't need to be affiiliated with You-Know-Who in order to be every bit as bad.  She's a villainess you love to hate and love to see recieve karmic retribution in the end.

  Queen Jadis (The Chronicles Of Narnia):  The greatest evil of Narnia, Jadis the evil sorceress was there since the start of Narnia and had completely taken it over under the name "The White Witch" by the time the Pevensie children discovered it. Completely cold, manipulative, prideful, and wicked, Jadis is the Satan figure in Narnia's Christian allegory. 

  Sabrina (Pokemon):  "Pokemon" was a franchise with so many great female villains that I had to just choose one for this.  I ended up choosing Sabrina, the insane, corrupt psychic leader of Saffron City.  In the "Indgio League" series, she was just about the creepiest thing ever.  Our heroes could barely withstand her psychic powers and were threatened with being turned into dolls!  Not even Hunter J could match that level of peril.  Yes, Sabrina had an excuse for going mad and she got better in the end, but that doesn't make up for being such a scary monster!

The Gotham Sirens (Batman):  Yeah, I'm putting all three of them here.  Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.  When they're written well, they're really written well.  I love Catwoman when she's doing things for no side but her own , I love Poison Ivy when she has green skin, and I love Harley Quinn when she's zany...which is usually all the time!

 Android 18 (Dragonball Z):  Dragonball was a series dominated by male characters in general but this is the one female villain who stood out.  One of Dr Gero's strongest creations, she's a teenage cyborg with a punk attitude, a taste for good clothing, and a power so strong she easily beat down Super Saiyan Vegeta with it!  Now that's badass.  She softened up after getting together with Krillin, but always keeps an edge to her, and I like that.

Mimi  (Super Paper Mario):  Whatever this strange green girl...thing is , she was a delightfully entertaining villain for the game she was in.  Cute and perky most of the time, Mimi specialized in cruel trickery using shapeshifting.  And then when she goes into her true form, with it's upside down head and spider legs, it's scary as crap!  The fact that she's an immature coward does sort of lessen that scare factor, however.

  Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie):  The main villain of three wild and whimsical Banjo Kazooie games, Gruntilda was a hilarious take on the stereotypical witch.  She cackled, spoke in rhyme, rode a broomstick, cracked bad jokes, and had a bunch of nasty habbits too.  But though her magic is strong, it's never a match for skills of a bear and bird.

 Ranamon (Digimon):  If I had to just choose one Digimon villainess to be here, Ranamon is defenitely the one.  Formerly a warrior for good until Cherubimon corrupted her, she's a cute, sexy aquatic fairy girl with an incredibly flighty, self absorbed personality and (in the dub) talks like a ditzy Southern Belle.  She's a major bitch but as one once put it, she's "such a lovable evil creature" and her antics always pleased me.  In her bitter rivalry with Zoe, I rooted for Ranamon the whole time.

  Demona (Gargoyles):  Again, see my previous entry bellow.

  Fox (Gargoyles): Though Demona's the main villainess of Gargoyles, Fox shouldn't go overlooked.  She's every bit as skilled and cunning as Xanatos, which is why they got married, and is far less annoying than Hyena too.

  Carmen Sandiego (Where Is Carmen series):  Again, see my previous entry bellow.

  Magica DeSpell (Duck Tales): Scrooge Mcduck's most powerful foe, Magica is always relentlessly going after Scrooge's number one dime. She was always entertaining in her appearances in Duck Tales and June Forray did great as the voice.

  Ma Beagle (Duck Tales): Leader of Scrooge Mcduck's archenemies, the Beagle Boys, in the Duck Tales TV show.  It takes a woman of great strength and mind to run an entire crime empire while Blackheart Beagle is in jail, but she pulls it off.  Like Magica, June Forray provided the great voice acting.

  Blackfire (Teen Titans): The animated version of Blackfire got terribly shafted with just two appearances but I liked what I saw in them.  She's a badass Tamaranean girl whose selfishness, greed, and hatred turns her against anyone, even her own family.

  Terra (Teen Titans): She was only truly a villain for the season finale, but it was more than enough time to leave an impact.  Turned against her former friends, Terra was as cruel, cold, and cunning as Slade and almost did the entire team in.  This is a girl whose powers and rage is not to ever be messed with!

  Jinx (Teen Titans):  Evil gothic-style cheerleader from the HIVE accadamey and a skilled sorceress, Jinx was always giving people bad luck.  She had an interesting, even likable personality and even changed her ways in the end when she realized she was way too good to be hanging with the HIVE Five anyway.

 Kitten (Teen Titans): Spoiled teenage daughter of a loser supervillain. She's on here out of pity, really.....

  Madame Rouge (Teen Titans):  The last major Teen Titans villainess.  Madame Rouge was the Brain's deadliest agent in the Brotherhood of Evil.  Her shapeshifting powers were as aggrivating for the heroes to overcome as her condescending attitude.  In the end, she recieved poetic justice from the people she screwed with, though.

  Misa Amane (Death Note):  A teen idol who might seem lovably ditzy, sweet and perky hot chick with a goth lolitta fashion sense and little to no common sense, but there's a madness within her that drives her to kill without hesitation or remorse in the name of her beloved Kira.  A de-harlequinned version of Harley Quinn if you will, and one who was sadly useless when she wasn't an active villainess but effective when she was.

  Angelica Pickles (Rugrats):  A spoiled preschooler with an evil mind, Angelica was always terrorizing her baby cousin and his friends and generally being a nasty little nuissiance who always had to have her way.  Growing closer to the babies saved her from growing up into a full fledged super villainess, though.

  Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls): Angelica taken up to eleven, this one's a spoiled rotten kindegartener with an evil, sociopathic mind.  If she couldn't have something she wanted, she would go through over-the-top villainous lengths to get it using the power of MONEY!  Oddly enough, she was a less effective baddie on her own than she was when paired with other villains, but she was always entertainingly obnoxious and still easily the best villainess on the show.

  Haurhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya):  Wait, you cry, isn't she the titular protagonist?  Well yeah, she is..but in the first novel's storyline, she was defenitely the bad guy.  Almost every bit of conflict was caused by Haruhi, and her self-centered, tyranical, devious personality reinforced this.  She was a hedonistic whackjob who would do anything to make things "fun and interesting."  She was also evil in the (stupid) second novel, but grew into a much better person afterwards.  However, we still have...

  Ryoko Asakura (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya):  This chick's one of the coolest psychopathic killers ever.  Posing as a kind, cheerful, innocent schoolgirl, Asakura is in fact an alien being from the Data Thought Entity who will kill in order to get results.  She's unfeeling and utterly uncaring about what's right or wrong; she's content with being what she is.  A very scary but still very likable villainess who has yet to be kept down in the series seeing as she's come back from the dead TWICE now!

  Queen Beryl  (Sailor Moon): Like "Pokemon", this series is filled to the brim with great villainesses but I had to choose one, so I picked Queen Beryl.  The original main villain in the series and acting ruler of the Dark Kingdom for Demon Queen Metallia, Beryl was a complete despot; always plotting devious schemes and never tolerating failure from her underlings.  But even she had tragic depth to her and truly wanted Prince Endymion to love her but could not defeat the power of love between him and Usagi. She turned to desperate resorts in order to destroy her hated enemy but in the end, she and her kingdom was destroyed instead.

  Mystique  (The X-Men movies):  Never cared much for other versions of Mystique (or X-Men for that matter), but the one in the live action films is great.  The adopted sister of Charles Xavier,  she's a sexy blue skinend shapeshifting mutant who was tormented in her childhood.  When Magneto tempted her down the path that (to him) would make things fair for mutantkind, she accepted that path and works for him now.  Using her powers for Magneto's mad cause makes her a very effective supervillianess and her character is also a very compelling one.

  Alexis Luthor  (Legion Of Superheroes):  A tragic villainess in that she was used for only one stinking episode of the short-lived, mediocre Legion of Superheroes show.  In that one episode, though, she was great and had so much potential.  As a rich descendent of Lex Luthor, Alexis was a smart, spirited girl lived a life of parties and fun activities but no one to share it with.  This lonely rich kid just wanted to find a greater purpose in her life and due to the events of her episode, she found it at last...carrying out the Luthor legacy and plotting to destroy Superman and the Legion!  Unfortunately, she never followed up on this threat because the hacks in charge never used her again. 

  Koko (Zatch Bell):  Keeper of Zofis' spellbook and his human partner, Koko used to be a kind person until Zofis manipulated her the inner darkness in her heart, which turned Koko into a power-mad, hateful sadist who wanted to destroy everyone who ever hurt her, including her own best friend Sherry.  What makes Koko stand out is just her attitude; she's always smiling and acting pleasent but is actually an evil  and conniving psycho-bitch on the inside.  But she's also really cute, especially with Lara Jill Miller as her dub voice.

  Rosemary Applefield (Ashita No Nadja):  Another cutie who was kind until she snapped and went bad.  This one, however, went bad entirely by choice.  Rosemary was a poor orphan girl who dreamed of becoming a princess of high society one day.  But when her friend Nadja became that instead, she vowed to bring her down and take everything she had for herself.  As a villainess, Rosemary was shrewd, calculating, manipulative, and ruthless to the point of being the true brains behind Herman Pregmingers' conspiracy.  Her acts of evil are the only reason the plot got moving.  And after all she did, she got off totally scot-free for it all.  Simply magnificent.

  Anemone (Eureka Seven): One of the only truly engaging characters in this series, Anemone is the pink haired, teenage super soldier of Dewey Novak's militia who's gained power from being experimented on with Corallian DNA.  However, this also causes her to suffer pains frequently, so she has to be injected with a special drug that makes her stronger but also much more unstable.  Frequently spastic, upbeat, bitchy and obnoxious, not to mention psychopathic, Anemone was an incredibly vile villainess but utterly endearing and adorable too.  She could shift from being funny, terrifiying, or even both.  The picture above is her second ever scene and one that captures her perfectly.  She gets better in the end, though, thanks to the power of love!

  Excel and Hyatt (Excel Saga): Two girls who live in a cruddy appartment but have jobs as agents for a secret evil "ideological" organization called ACROSS.  Excel is utterly, over-the-top insane and random, while Hyatt is weak, soft-spoken, and will frequently die from tuberculosis.  The two of them are hilarious in their bumbling antics and even if they're total failures, they succeed in causing as much mayhem as could ever be made possible. And then they get the hell out!

  Reina (Rave Master): A general of the Demon Card's Oraccian Six, Reina is a ravishingly beautiful and sexy young woman with a flippant and flirtatious attitude, an agenda that ties into her tragic backstory, and a power that's not to be messed with.  Reina's one of those chicks who gets a perfect balance between being a total sex bombshell and an interesting character too. She turns from evil in the end and turns out to be not a bad person after all.  Too bad she had to die, but even in death, her presence remains with Musica and his silver spear.

  Yumi (Rurroni Kenshin): Another sexy bombshell who serves as the main servant to the evil Makoto Shishio.  While her character isn't as developed as Reina's up there, she's also not a bad person but one who has a loving devotion to her master and will do anything for his own good, even if she knows it to be wrong.  She eventually dies for him (killed by him in fact!) but gets to stay with him together forver in Hell.  Happily ever after, right?

  Akito Sohma (Fruits Baskets): I'm no fan of this series but this villain deserves mention.  She tyranically ruled over her family and committed horrific crimes against them on a regular basis...all the while hiding her female gender and posing as a guy!  But everything came crashing down on her eventually.  She was able to recover and find love in the end, but some may still view her crimes as unforgivable.

  Sonia (Fire Emblem): Servant of Nergal and leader of the Black Fang in the 7th "Fire Emblem" game.  Sonia's yet another sexy bombshell villainess similar to Reina and Yumi, a fitting design for her since she insists she's "the perfect human being".  Unlike the others, however, she is a TERRIBLE person deep down.  Sly, smug, and manipulative, she was always plotting and acting against others, including her own "family".  After officially crossing the line by killing her poor husband, she was finally dealt with and met a pitiful demise.  Good riddance, ya whore!

Ursula (Fire Emblem):  A general in the Four Fangs, Ursula is an attractive young woman with incredibly powerful magic.  She's a lonely and bitter person who has fallen for Sonia's charms and is totally devoted to her.  She carried out anything "her mistress" asked of her, even the attempted murder of Nino, Jaffar, and Prince Zephiel.  She died a tragic death, unable to even see Sonia one last time to tell of her failure.  When her zombie is fought in the final chapter, her soul is set free and the poor lesbian chick can at last rest in peace.

  Tron Bonne (Megaman Legends):  Teenage sister of the Bonne Brothers family of sky pirates, Tron is a mechanical whiz, a mother to her servbots, and an all around mischief maker.  I love this girls' personality; she's spunky, snarky and teasing all the time but is friendly and helpful towards her brothers or the servbots and harbors a crush on Megaman Volnut that she doesn't like to admit to. But get her mad and her temper is explosive and violent.  As she's shown in all games she's appeared in, including the "Marvel vs Capcom" games, you don't want to fuck with Tronn.  She's still popular with the fanbase to this day, and it's well deserved. 

  Shirley Fennes  (Tales of Legendia):  Chosen messiah of the Ferines race,  Shirley proves that Hell knowth no fury like a sweet, pretty, high voiced girl who's been utterly fucked over.

  Darla and Drusilla (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel):  Two sexy female vampires, one of them being Angelus' sire and the other being his former victim/girlfriend.  Both of them made a good impression on "Buffy" and continued to do so on "Angel", where they showed how frightening and vile they could be but still had their sympathetic points that eventually redeemed them in the end. 

  Faith Lehanne (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer): Over on Buffy, bad girl slayer Faith was the coolest villainess there was.  Self centered, cocky, ammoral, and messed up, she could only keep doing wrong once she started and as the Mayor's henchman, she became a cold, remorseless killer who gave her former friend Buffy a challenging fight.  After the thrid season, her switiching bodies with Buffy and then going suicidal were a bit much but at least she gave up her life of crime immediatly afterwards.  What else can I say about her...oh yeah, she's hot.  Real hot.

  Mom (Futurama):  Ruthless buisness woman of the future, Mom puts on a display of warm hearted, motherly kindess for the public but is actually a bitter, greedy, tyranical. and abusive bitch whose company, MomCo, rules all other businesses with an iron fist.  With her three sons carrying out her will and an undying grudge against Professor Farnsworth, Mom is the closest thing to a serious main villain on the show and is a damn effective one.

  Hexadecimal (Reboot):  "Sister" of Megabyte and a virus who frequently plagues Mainframe, Hexadecimal may very well be a gender-flipped Joker.  She's insane, unpredictable, relentlessly villainous and with a completely looney personality.  In many ways, she was more dangerous than Megabyte but was so unstable that it held her back.  She eventually reformed at the end of the series but snapped back to her viral roots in the "Daemon Rising" movie in order to go out in a glorious sacrifice that saved the entire net.  Way to go, Hex!

  Daemon (Reboot):  The only other female villain in "Reboot" is Daemon, a super virus who wants to infect the entire system with her "word."  Though her nature is horrific, her personality is kind, gentle, and a bit naive, and she genuinely believes she's uniting the net and doing things for a greater good.  Her petite figure and French accent is based on Joan of Arc, and there was alot of religious symbolism that she was able to get away with.  She destroyed herself in order to unleash her ultimate virus but something tells me she didn't die for good...

  TAK (Invader ZIM):  The hideous new girl in ZIM and Dib's class, TAK was acutally an Irkan alien herself who was running a competent plan to take over Earth and get revenge of ZIM for taking the invader position that she should have had even though he's not REALLY an invader!  Speaking with an ambiguosly Brittish accent and prone to maniacal spasms, she was an enjoyable villainous and one dangerous enough to force ZIM and Dib to work together to foil her plans.

  Ember Mclain (Danny Phantom): A teen punk rocker ghost, Ember was one of the good villains on this show. With flaming hair, lots of charisma, a cocky bad girl attitude, an excellent speaking and singing voice by Tara Strong, and a rockin' theme song, she's a villainess who will stay in many viewer's memories.  We love you, Ember!

  She-Go (Kim Possible):  Dr. Drakken's assistant in all of his evil schemes.  Formerly of Team Go, she broke away from her do-gooder family when she became convinced she was cut out for better things.  Though she's smarter and more capable than her boss, she sticks to just helping him because someone has to make sure he doesn't screw up massively.  With her snarky lines and deadpan attitude, she's much more Kim's personal nemesis and her glowing hand powers always made for cool action scenes. Oddly enough, she hooks up with Drakken in the end.

  Elyon (WITCH):  Wait, you cry, Elyon's not really a villain!  She was just misled into being on the wrong side but she didn't mean any harm.  She's actually the light of Meridian and destined ruler, so she's really a good guy.  Fuck that, I'm talking about the real Elyon; the original Elyon written by the series' creators in the first six comic stories before the series went to heck.  This was a lonely teenage girl who joined the wrong side knowing it to be evil but fiercely believing that it was where she belonged; a case of "evil feels right."  She hated that her "friends" were trying to protect the veil and keep her from her destiny, so she sought to destroy them.  Working with Cedric and Vathek, she was an angsty, wickedly vivacious, manipulative, and devious girl who would do anything to get what she felt she needed.  That Elyon was cool; why'd she have to change on us so fast? 

  Narissa (WITCH): And here's the obvious example of a villainess from this series.  The former Guardian of the Heart of Candracar, Narissa was an insane, scheming, wicked old woman who sought to destroy the Veil.  She even changed herself back into a sexy young woman during her plans. She was a fine villainess in the comics who got a satisfying send-off. On the TV show, Greg Weissman made her his own and she became possibly an even more amazing villainess but unfortunately got a really anticlimatic send-off before the series ended. Either way, she was chessmaster of devilish proportions and was tough for the guardians to overcome. 

  Master Cyclonis (Storm Hawks)  If this one looks familiar, it's probably because she kind of ressembles Akito Sohma.  Also a cool villainess in a mediocre series, she was a deranged teenage girl who somehow inherited rule over the world of Cyclonia and is the master of her own evil empire.  She was meticulous and diabolical, stopping at nothing until she had power over everything she desired.  She even had her own hidden layers due to living an empty life without friends or family.  The series ended and she was never truly defeated, so beware!

  Charmcaster  (Ben 10):  Charmcaster from the original Ben 10, not that pointy-eared idiot Enchantress wannabe Hope from "Ultimate Alien Force".  This teenage witch had a pretty bad upbringing by her abusive uncle Hex, so now she wants nothing more than to be a master magician, break away from her uncle, and lash out at the world with her powers.  Basically, a teen deliquent with magic powers.  Her personality is spiteful and bitchy but also brash, cocky, and with a sardonic sense of humor.  She enjoys being bad but is irritated that she's not as good at it as she'd like to be.  Her "frenemiship" with Gwen Tennyson, and with Rojo on the Negative 10 for that matter, were enjoyable and all her appearances entertained.  A shame she didn't last a little longer...

  Heather (Total Drama Island):  Lastly, there's Heather, reality show villainess of "Total Drama Island".  On that season, she was a total domineering bitch to everyone and was as ruthless and manipulative as they come.  Sure she got as far as she did mainly due to luck, but it gave more opportunities for her to show off her nastiness and arrogance, making her downfall that much sweeter.  Heather decayed into uselessness in the next season, but was one of THE main stars of "World Tour", in which she used her nasty edge to go up against a villain even worse than her...and she won, too!  Love her or hate her, there's something about her you've got to respect.


  1. @Larxene: Not only the sole female member of the group, but one of the best PERIOD. That's REALLY deserving of being credited on a list such as this!

    @The White Witch: She might have been a little TOO good a villainess...the movie makers just can't seem to let her rest!

    @Sabrina: Jessie, Domino, Athena, Lovrina, Lady Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Shelly, Annie & Oakley, and Pokemon Hunter J. That just about sums up the other great ones you vaguely mentioned, eh?

    @Ranamon: Ranamon was way better than Zoe...but then, the evil Legendary Warriors were all better than the good ones.

    @Misa: If Misa from the manga/anime was crossed with her live-action movie incarnation and the Misa from those late 90s "Superman" comics,she'd be perfect.

    @Princess: So true. Himeko Shirogane from the anime adaptation may be the better character, but the original Princess is definately the better villain.

    @Alexis Luthor: At least her one-episode legacy lives on with characters like Nastalathia Luthor and Lori Luthor (both of them nieces of Lex rather than descendants, and Lori's a good girl, but the basic concept still stands.)

    @Anemone: She and Dominic MADE that show. Screw everyone else!

    @Akito Sohma: But she's actually a man in that picture (from the anime version....)

    @Faith: Yeah, her post-Season 3 attempts at villainy blew. A sure sign of "Buffy" jumping the shark.

    @Elyon: Ah, what W.I.T.C.H could have been when it was in the hands of it's original creators....

    @Charmcaster: At least she was a cool, well-rounded character in her appearances in the show. Her poor rival Rojo never got that chance (a damn waste of Jennifer Hale...)

    @Heather: I actually liked her more as an anti-heroine than a supervillain, really.

    1. @Larxene: Oh yeah.

      @The White Witch: It was fine in "Prince Caspian" but bloody pointless in "Dawn Treader."

      @Sabrina: You forgot Tiffany and Blue Eyes in the Pokemon Ranger games, too.

      @Ranamon: Indeed they were. Just look at poor Kouichi for proof of that.

      @Misa: Would the Superman Misa thing mean that Misa Amane would now have powers of her own? That is a scary thought.

      @Princess: Screw that name "Shirogane"; makes me think she's related to Naoto. But PPGZ Princess will be mentioned on another entry for another day...

      @Alexis: Neither of them were out and out supervillains, however. Considering who they're all related to, it's kind of disappointing.

      @Anemone: Agreed.

      @Akito Sohma: I didn't feel like using a manga image, okay?

      @Faith: Agreed.

      @Elyon: Agreeing with this too.

      @Charmcaster: Rojo was kind of cool but yeah, not at all well rounded.

      @Heather: Me too, but I respect her in both roles.

  2. Forgot to give a shout out to the other great Sailor Moon villainesses: Ann Ginga, the Four Sisters of Nemesis, Esmeraude, Wicked Lady, Mistress 9, the Amazon Quartet, Queen Nehelania, and all the evil Sailor Senshi of Shadow Galactica, led by Galaxia herself.

  3. Nice list you've got here. I particularly enjoyed the description you wrote for Professor Umbridge. Vile toad! While some people might like Bellatrix or Tom Riddle, I have yet to meet anyone who could say that they liked the character of Umbridge.