Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Villain Songs!

Villains usually get the best musical numbers, so I had to do a blog entry on them.  We all know the Disney Villains songs, the songs on the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Villains Songs countdown, and at least three that he left out that GregX posted on his blog.  Here's some random Villain Songs that I enjoy.

Team Rocket's song from the "2 B A Master" CD.  It's a real...funky tune with Jessie, James, and Meowth pretty much singing about what bad guys they are and how they're never going to give up until they steal Pikachu.  I enjoy it for whatever reason, the reason probably being because I loved Team Rocket so much in the good ol' days.  My favorite part of the song is probably when we hear Giovanni say "You're just the players in MY master plan!"

And speaking of Giovanni, here's his song from the now obscure "Pokemon Live" show, sung by the marvelous Darren Dunstan.  The song captures perfectly that Giovanni is a greedy, power hungry , diabolical megalomaniac with a ruler complex, and he sounds like he's enjoying his villainy so much that I have to enjoy it along with him.

Prince's "Party Man" song from the "Batman" movie, which is esentially about the Joker. Say what you will about Jack Nicholson's Joker, but I thought he was fantastic and this moment combined with this song showed that perfectly.  I just love how he's trying to make "art" for no real reason other than it's an insane vanity project for him.  Weird guy, huh?

Sharpay and Ryan Evans are the only great characters in the "High School Musical" franchise and they don't show it any more clearer than in this number from the third movie.  The whole thing is so ellaborate and over-the-top, the twins are just revelling in their hammy performances, and the song's pretty much about how they're going to "take over the world" through becoming big stars! How can you not love that?

Another song by Darren Dunstan, this one sung as Maximillion Pegasus.  The tune is ominous and the lyrics are creepy as hell, and are perfectly in-character for a twisted but charismatic fiend like Pegasus to be singing.  I love how he just randomly says "Your turn, Yugi boy." at one point there. 

This one's in Japanese but it's one that sounds so cool.  It's sung by Romi Paku as Ken Ichijouji in his Digimon Emperor Personna.  The song just reeks of arrogance and madness, and the maniacal laugh that Ken gives at the end is bone chilling.

Here's one that's blatantly inspired by Disney Villain songs, particularly "Only Second Rate" by Jafar.  Mumbo sings about how he's unstoppable in his own magical world and how the Titans don't stand a chance against his control.  The tune is wickedly whimsical and the visuals that accompany the song are incredibly trippy and wacky, not to mention Tom Kenny has a nice singing voice.  And the very end of the song where Mumbo says that he'll "make the Titans disappear...forever!" is actually really creepy.

A mad song about a manical monkey, Mojo Jojo. The "Fight The Power" song from the same CD is also a cool villain song, but this one captures Mojo's character a little better. Plus, it's the one that got a music video for it.

Another Japanese song sung by Ryoko Asakura. Here she sings about how she's content with being an unfeeling killing machine and also how displeased she is about her name not appearing in the ending credits.  And it's sung to a fast paced, hard rock tune that's hard not to dance to.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz meets his alternate dimension counterpart.  In a happy-go-lucky song with a childish quality to it, they sing about how alike they are and how they're going to make a great duo.  Of course, as the movie progresses, we see that's not the case...

Theme song to the old "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" game show, sung by Rockapella about Carmen Sandiego herself.  It pretty much tells you all you need to know about the master criminal and her exploits.

This one's sung by Alejandro, one of "Total Drama World Tour"'s saving graces.  The visuals literally show him as a puppetmaster, pulling everyone along on strings (representing how he's manipulated them) and even having a sock puppet of himself (possibly representing his own issues).  Though I know they go back to being enemies afterwards, I think it's pretty sweet that he decides to help Heather out in the end.

It's David Bowie as the Goblin King. What else can you say?  David Bowie sang four songs in this movie, but this was easily the most fun.  The funniest thing about it is that Jareth really has no reason to sing it; he's just feeling bored and decides he wants to break out into song to lighten the mood for the baby he's stolen. But you can let that slide because the song's just so groovy.

Again, what else can you say but it's Tim Curry as Long John Silver?  I've always loved this one because it has a perfect pirate-like tune, perfect-pirate like lyrics, and Tim Curry just rocking it with his strong singing voice.  The rest of his crew, muppet and human alike, joining in just adds to the awesome.  And though he's an obvious villain, I can't help but see his point here.  He doesn't see himself as the bad guy and really thinks that he and his crew are the treasure's rightful owners.  He's a pirate and proud of it!

Lastly we have Brian Lemmons as Luxor Spawndroth as The Shadow of Doubt in a gratuitious break dance number!  Yeah, I know "Bibleman" has sparked some controversies over the years but this guy was honestly what made it worth watching when he was around.  He was a gleefully evil, hammy villain in all of his guises and he had even more songs than this, all of them fun as Hell, pun not intended.  And this is one of them that's just bound to get stuck in your head and not leave after you've heard it.  "Oh Bibleman, you're just too easy! No doubt!"

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